The  Warren Marley music legacy  (1946-1991).
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Warren Marley is a singer-composer, born Sandpoint-Idaho US.
Made several records in the USA and in Holland.
Worked with Don Costa and Phil Ramone.
He made a special album with Christmas songs, some published on YouTube.
Warren Marley booked success in the seventies with the album "Something Better" produced by Phil Ramone.
The opening song "Los Angeles" became track 9 of the original motion picture scores in 'Walkabout' (1971).
The movie Walkabout became a 'film classic'.

We are Waren grateful for his music.
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Los Angeles.

Words and Music Warren Marley

Los Angeles, by morning it is so fine
Especially in the early morning sunshine
There you'll be in front of me
So I'll catch up and turn to see
You look my way
And smile
We'll walk a mile

You'll shyly say Los Angeles is fine
Especially in the early morning sunshine
We'll talk about the smog and stuff
Until I think we're friends enough
To say I've got lunch
It's time for lunch
And Los Angeles by noon will be hazy, lazy sun
And we'll go people-watching just because it's fun
And Los Angeles by evening will be cars and bars
And lights bright shining all around us
As we stargaze at the night
And Los Angeles by daybreak will be shades of silver blue
And become paradise
Beneath the sleepy moon
And I'll be holding you

In love, I guess
Los Angeles, by morning will be so fine
Especially in the early morning sunshine